About the Artist

Patricia C Walker

Two of my lifelong passions have been nature and art.  About 5 years ago I begin to rekindle the fire of painting when I discovered Alcohol Inks.

I started drawing as a child. My mother, also artistic, enrolled me in drawing classes when I was quite young. I remember the experience well. The instructor was the elderly matron of a large Victorian house. She had students of all ages (mostly adults) and we sat around large tables in several rooms. She would give us a still life to draw and then walk around with her cane giving critique. From her I gained a foundation for drawing.

My favorite things to draw were horses and trees. And I drew lots of them! Then at some point I was designing houses and fashion on paper.  I begin to love drawing anatomy and in my teens I would steal my Dad’s Playboy magazines and draw the centerfold. Unfortunately the rest of the content was not good for my adolescent reading.

I majored in art in College, focusing on Interior Design.  I would later work as a Decorator for about 10 years.

Children came and many other priorities that squeezed out time for developing art.  Now retired, I have enjoyed having the time to once again pursue art.  I hope you enjoy my art.